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Welcome to the Garage Lab!

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This blog is all about designing, modifying and building interesting things - making in general. I am not a professional at this and all my projects really are built in my garage using tools and equipment readily available to any hobbyist. Budget is always a concern so I try to reuse, repurpose and recycle wherever possible. I work with wood, plastic (3D printed ABS) and electronics.

The real Garage Lab

Although there are specific long term projects you will hear a lot about there will be plenty of posts on general topics as well - new tools, techniques, successes and failures I have and any interesting news items that crop up.

I will be posting up a lot of circuit diagrams, CAD files and source code - all of this will be available under a Creative Commons license so you are free to use it for any purpose you desire as long as you provide your work to others under the same terms. Full information about the license is shown in the footer.

I'm aiming for three (relatively meaty) posts per week on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. I already have a backlog of mostly complete posts ready to go so the next few weeks should be covered. The site layout still needs some fine tuning so you'll see minor changes in the look and feel over the coming weeks as well (the mobile experience in particular needs a lot of work).

I hope you find this site useful and interesting - I am looking forward to hearing from you all so please feel free to get in touch or jump in on the comments.