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Upcoming Projects

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It has been a busy week at the Lab and there are quite a few projects in the pipeline that will be popping up on the site over the next couple of weeks. At the moment I'm delayed a bit by a lack of components - I have placed orders to replenish them but they will take a little while to arrive so a couple of projects are on hold waiting for that.

I've also sent off several PCBs to Seeed to get fabricated - they are for projects where a stripboard prototype is not really good enough so until they come in and I get a chance to test them the posts related to the projects involved are going to stay sitting in the publish queue.


At the moment there are about 10,000 words of content in draft state or waiting for some external dependency before they can be published - it's getting a little frustrating. There are some interesting projects in there as well - I've been doing a lot more work with the Clixx.IO system including a set of modular docks that simplify my external dock design and are a lot easier to build and use, a few simple TwinTab board designs with components I will need in some future projects and I've brushed off the Babyduino project for use with Clixx.IO as well.

Clixx.IO Boards

This afternoon I found a package from David Lyon had arrived containing a batch of new Clixx tabs as well as the redesigned Raspberry Pi and Arduino docks so I've have a lot of new stuff to test out.

I've also spent some time playing with the NXP LPC810, an ARM Cortex M0 in an 8 pin DIP package. This is a very versatile chip for it's size and price and there are quite a few little projects I've based around it.

So please be patient, there are plenty of things going on here even though the site is a little quiet right now.