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Breadboard Prototyping Station

Overview When my old breadboards finally became so unreliable that they were impacting on my projects I went off to eBay and found myself some cheap replacements. Rather than do what I had done previously and simply glue the boards to a suitably size piece of plywood I decided to spend a bit of time and build a prototyping station to sit them in. I had a number of goals for this project: It needs to be robust and transportable. I need to be able to move it around the workshop (and even take it to work or another location altogether) without fear of it falling apart. It needed an integr…

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The TARDIS Pantry

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This is the project that started me off with woodworking (as well as providing the germination of an idea that led to this site) and it started out very simply - my sister decided she needed a new pantry but wanted something a little bit different. Since she, like me, is a Whovian and the basic dimensions of a pantry are quite close to the basic dimensions of a 50's era British police box the overall theme was pretty easy to agree on. And really, how hard could it be? It's not like we were trying to make an exact duplicate, just something that gave the overall feel of a TARDIS would be enough.…

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