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Notifications With Pushbullet

This post looks at notification systems on Android, Chrome and Android Wear and provides a simple way to insert your own notifications in to the stream with Pushbullet. I presented this at the Google Developers Group in Brisbane this week, the post is a longer form of the presentation. The slide deck I used is available here, I've enabled commenting on the document so please feel free to leave your feedback. What are Notifications? Before we look at specific implementations we need to describe what a notification actually is, or more specifically what an idealised version of a notification is.…

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PCBWeb - Schematic and PCB Layout Software

This is my review of PCBweb, a relatively new schematic capture and PCB layout tool for Windows. I used it to design a simple ATtiny based project so I could test it's features in a real application. There seems to be a trend for component suppliers to provide a free schematic and PCB layout tool with instant access to their inventory and built in ordering - RS Components have DesignSpark and now DigiKey have PCBweb. After having this new tool pointed out to me I thought it would be worth doing a quick review of it and see how it stacks up. Rather than just randomly play with the features of t…

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