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Benchtool UI Demo

Here is a sample of the Benchtool UI: This is a simulated view, I'm using my QuickUI library with the VNC driver and the Java window manager library. Inputs are being simulated - it's not talking to any real hardware at this stage. It's not exactly the prettiest UI around but it's functional enough to be useful. A lot of the look and feel can be changed by updating some static icon images and the palette. The interface is touch driven so you won't see a mouse cursor. It gives you the option to save the current samples (the floppy disk icon), record data (the circle icon) and the ability to see…

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A Quick Update on the Benchtester

This is a quick (and long overdue) update on the status of the Benchtester project that I'm building as part of the Brisbane Makes competition. I've spent most of my available time working on a simple UI for the device. This has grown a little bit larger than I originally anticipated and has grown into a simple touchscreen focused UI framework for embedded barebones and minimal Linux systems that I've dubbed 'QuickUI'. The UI for the bench tool itself is built on top of this. The QuickUI framework deserves a post (or few) all of it's own and that will follow in due course. In the meantime all…

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