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A Simple CNC Machine - Part 1

I have been trying to get a replacement CNC controller board up and running for a few months now - fighting with LinuxCNC and a cheap Chinese Blue Board controller I bought off eBay. Although I can get it basically operational - enough to cut simple shapes out of MDF but I have been having a lot of problems getting enough accuracy to do anything more significant (and certainly not enough to reliably mill PCBs). If you are building up your own CNC or looking to replace the controller in an existing one I would recommend keeping away from this particular product. After finding that more recent v…

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The Bluebell, a Bluetooth Notification Device

After more than three weeks, numerous interruptions and delays the project I though would take a few days is finally finished. Finished enough to publish at least. This post describes the Bluebell - a small Bluetooth controlled ambient device built around an ATtiny85 CPU. This is one of the first complete projects based around my ATtiny85 template library which is a bit of a milestone for that project. The Hardware The project pulls together a number of things I've spoken about in recent posts such as the software based UART, a HC-05 Bluetooth module and RGB LEDs driven by PWM so I won't discu…

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