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Useful Git Utilities

Although Git is an excellent tool for managing distributed repositories there are a few tasks that are common enough that you are probably going to do them more than once yet rare enough that there is no direct support for performing them on the Git command line. In this post I present a few helper utilities and step by step guides to perform some of the tasks I find myself doing often enough that they need to be automated. Removing a Submodule Although many people seem to consider submodules evil I find that they are a very useful method to keep track of dependencies when those dependencies a…

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Development Environment for Android

I'm finding that I have less and less time to write for this blog and the time between posts is getting longer and longer. This is a real shame as I enjoy writing the posts and spending the time needed to research and format them helps me organise my thoughts which improves the overall quality of my projects. Each post is essentially a small planning session for me. One time slot that has yet to be filled is my daily commute to and from work, about 2 hours every day. I usually spend this time catching up on my RSS feeds (or, more often unfortunately, playing Candy Crush Saga in a mindless com…

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Source Code Visualisation

I've always been enthralled by those code visualisation videos produced with gource and recently I had the opportunity to generate one for the code base for our new product at the company I work for. Unfortunately I can't show you that one but I was inspired to generate one for my own code. For my video I took a slightly different route. Rather than concentrate on a single project I modified this script to scan for all GIT repositories under the working directory and create a combined log file (with duplicate repos removed) that can be fed into gource (you can find my modified version here). I…

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The Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a small (around the size of a credit card), cheap (about $US 35) and versatile (it runs Linux and a wide range of free open source software) computer. Although it is not the first of this type of device it has certainly captured the attention of a lot of people in a very short amount of time. This post tries to explain the Raspberry Pi in the bigger picture - what it's for, what the intentions behind the project were and how it has the possibility of ushering in a sea change for education. What is the Raspberry Pi for? To clear up any misconceptions the Pi is not immediatel…

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