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Practical (3D) Printing

Although it is getting better a lot of articles about 3D printers and 3D printing concentrate on the tchotchke factory aspect or the high end metal printers and ignore the simple, utilitarian uses that are a much better example of the impact of this technology. The charging cradle for my Samsung Gear Live smart watch broke a little while ago (there is a small clip that holds it to the back of the watch, if that snaps off it becomes useless). Samsung no longer manufacture the device and replacement charging cables can be difficult to get. Because I have a 3D printer available it was easy to qui…

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Chrome OS and the Return of the Thin(ish) Client

I have had a Chromebook (a Chrome OS based laptop) for about 6 months now and it quickly became the most used computer in the house. Google doesn’t seem to have been actively pushing Chrome OS, at least not in Australia, so I was pleased to see a group of recent announcements that indicate that things might be changing. This got me thinking about why I prefer using the Chromebook over other options and the virtues and drawbacks of thin versus thick clients. Thin and Thick Clients A thin client essentially does no application processing of it’s own, all it provides is an input/output interface…

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