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Breadboard Wire Bender Tool

This is a simple tool I made up in OpenSCAD and printed on my Solidoodle 2 printer to solve a fairly common use case for electronics hobbyists. It's all available on Thingiverse. As I mentioned in a previous post using correctly trimmed hookup wires is a great benefit both in terms of functionality (shorter hookup wires result in lower resistance and induced current) as well as asthetics (the breadboard looks a lot neater). Inspired by the Resistor Lead Forming Tool found on Thingiverse I made this tool to simplify the process of making hookup wires of the appropriate length (I know of some pe…

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Some More OpenSCAD Utilities

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I seem to be on a bit of an OpenSCAD binge at the moment. Here are two more utility modules I've added to ``` /---------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Defines common constants used throughout the AutoSCAD libraries. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------/ //--- Constants /** The value of Pi */ PI = 3.1415926535897932; /** Printer resolution (in mm) */ RESOLUTION = 0.3; /** Base size for objects (in mm) * * The library is designed to gene…

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Online Equation Solver

Designing 3D objects tends to require a fair amount of algebra, if your skills in this regard are a bit rusty (or you are a little lazy or you want to verify your results) then the Online Equation Solver is the tool for you. This site will take an equation (with multiple variables) and provide a solution for the variable you specify. The best way to illustrate this is with an example, in this case an OpenSCAD module to generate an arc, or more specifically a solid portion of a cylinder that describes a 180 degree arc with a given width and height. The first image shows the variables involved -…

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OpenSCAD 3D Modeller

If, like me, you are better at manipulating code than manipulating a graphical editor this is going to be a very useful tool when you are creating 3D objects for printing. The OpenSCAD 3D Modeller allows you to describe an object using a language very similar to C or Javascript. As well as providing statements to create basic primitives (sphere, cube, cylinder, etc) and to perform common transforms (scale, rotate and translate) the application has full support for constructive solid geometry (CSG). This feature allows you to build up complex shapes by combining primitives using set operations…

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