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Some Corrections

My recent posts in the introductory Clixx.IO series contained some minor errors that caused the designs to be incompatible with the official Clixx.IO components. I've updated the posts with correct designs. The posts in the series are: Six Slot TwinTab Dock for Clixx.IO * Homebrew Clixx.IO TwinTab * Using the Clixx.IO Docking Station My apologies for any problems this may have caused you. The changes are minor and easy to implement. I'll attempt to be more rigorous with integration testing in future.…

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Adafruit and Customer Service

I've been meaning to mention this for a while now but haven't got around to it until now. I'm a big fan of Adafruit, they have a lot of great hacker friendly products and provide a huge amount of information about using them. Unfortunately, being outside the US can push the cost up due to shipping charges so I don't order as much from them as I would like to (I tend to keep adding things to my wish list and do a fairly large order once every six months or so). I've never had any problems with them before but my last order arrived with a missing component (One of the Pi T-Cobbler was missing th…

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