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Using GreenPak Programmable Logic

In my last post I mentioned that the breakout boards I had designed for the the tiny GreenPak chips had arrived, turns out it was just in time as I discovered a need for them very quickly. A friend of mine needed a simple solution that would allow him to detect button presses through the microphone input of a mobile phone - the quick and dirty solution of simply putting a button and a resistor between ground and the microphone input worked in most cases but for some inputs there wasn't enough noise to generate a measurable change in audio level. I proposed using a small tone generator that wou…

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GreenPak Programmable Matrix

I had a batch of PCBs arrive yesterday which included the boards for my ESP8266 based sensor system so I should be able to do a followup post on that project in the near future. This batch also included my breakout boards for GreenPak 3 mixed signal programmable logic chips. These devices are small (in terms of size and number of cells) programmable logic chips similar to a PAL (Programmable Array Logic) with support for analog signals as well as digital. Each chip has a collection of configurable cells which can be connected together to implement a circuit. There are a range of cell types a…

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