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Introducing the Microboard Form Factor

I'm very happy with the form factor of the updated Babyduino PCB - it's small, neat, plays well with my Clixx docks and is still breadboard friendly. Although the layout is similar to an Arduino (but has correct 2.54mm pin spacing) the pin to CPU mapping is designed for use with Clixx - making project development a lot more flexible and easy. Shortly after testing those boards I designed a handful more with the same form factor for a range of different MCU chips - each one provides the bare minimum support circuitry needed to put the target CPU in the heart of a project and be able to program…

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The Race Timing Project - Some (hard) Lessons Learned

As I mentioned in a previous post I've been working on a small scale commercial project in collaboration with a friend, unlike most of the other projects I talk about on the site this one will be manufactured in quantity (for small quantities at least) and needed to be designed for end users who expect to be able to just use the device and are not the least bit interested in modifying or hacking it. I had a number of additional things I wanted to explore with this project, above and beyond simply making a working device: Use it as a test bed for the real world use of the Clixx prototyping s…

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A Monitored Power Supply for Clixx

This post describes a very simple 3.3V regulated power supply for Clixx based projects - what makes it interesting is on-board support for monitoring both voltage and current as well as providing a regulated power source. The board is designed to be connected to a standard Clixx TwinTab analog slot - instead of drawing power from the power pins it supplies a regulated 3.3V current at up to 250mA. The power source to the board is an external 4.5 to 6 volt supply (from a USB cable or battery pack for example). Note: Do not use this board with power already provided to the power pins on the slo…

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All Coming Together

This is just a short post to show off some new Clixx.IO related components I've been working on over the past few weeks. Board Designs I recently received some PCBs that I'd sent off for fabrication a while ago. On the left you can see the MCP23008 board compared with the stripboard prototype I designed earlier and used in the keypad interface and alphanumeric LCD display controller. The image on the right shows the prototype and finished version of the LPC810 controller board I've been working on. I haven't written about this yet but you will here a fair bit about it in the future - it's the…

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Release the Baby!

I've recently been contacted by a friend with a request to help design and implement the hardware for a race timing system for his local swim club. I jumped on the chance, it's a good opportunity to test the Clixx.IO system for real world prototyping and gives me a chance to document the entire prototype to production process on this site. The majority of my work on Clixx has been using the Raspberry Pi as a host but this is overkill for this project - something a bit smaller is needed for the hardware components. An Arduino compatible system is perfect for the job - fast enough to handle the…

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