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The Babyduino Project

I'd like to announce the Babyduino project which provides a set of simple circuits based around the AVR ATMega CPU's that can be used with the Arduino IDE to build your own projects around. The project has it's own project page as well as a GitHub repository that contains all the source and assets you need. At the moment the project is very much a work in progress - initial working versions (along with sample projects) will follow over the next week or so.…

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ATMega Programming Adaptor

As I mentioned in a previous post I've been working on a simple adaptor to let me quickly and easily program ATMega chips though an standard AVR ISP header. After a few delays I've made a fair bit of progress on this (and even got a test sketch transferred an running through the bootloader I programmed on an ATMega8). It's by no means complete but I'm well on the way. The Programming Adaptor The programmer I'm using is a variant of the USBASP programmer with a 10 pin ISP header (they also come in 10 pin variants - see this page for more details). If you are using a different programmer the com…

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A Simple AVR ISP Programming Adaptor

As I mentioned in the the previous post I have been looking at setting up a helper board that would let me program a bootloader onto an AVR so I can use it with the Arduino programming environment. I have a small ISP programmer for the AVR chips which has a 10 pin programming header but I was after something I could insert the chip into, program the bootloader and then put it in the final circuit. After a bit of research I was surprised to find this wasn't as common a thing to do as I would have thought. The Arduino platform is by far the most popular AVR based system around and all the Arduin…

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AVR Programming Header Breadboard Adaptor

I've been working on a project which is based around an Arduino but I don't really want to plonk an entire Arduino module in the final circuit. My plan is to use a minimal Arduino compatible circuit around an ATMega chip. I still want to take advantage of the Arduino UI and programming interface so I will need to program the Arduino boot-loader on the chips before placing them in the circuit. I have a little USB programmer for the AVR which has a 10 pin ISP adaptor to programming the circuit. Unfortunately this connector is not very breadboard friendly so I soldered up a small adaptor board to…

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