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The Clixx.IO Rapid Prototyping System

Developing a new prototype is never an easy or simple task, putting it together can be one of the most time consuming aspects of developing a new project. Since the Brisbane Makes competition I've been talking to David Lyon who has developed the Clixx.IO open source hardware system to help simplify the whole process. This post covers the problems inherent with the prototyping process and covers my initial work with Davids solution. The Problems with Prototyping One of the more common methods (and my personal favourite) is to use a solderless breadboard. This allows the reuse of components (to…

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Babyduino Boards Have Arrived!

The PCB boards I order a few weeks ago from Seeed have turned up and they look good. I was expecting to have to wait a lot longer for them to arrive. As an added bonus there were two extra boards in the package, I guess they could fit them into the panel (I didn't use all of the available size for the package I ordered) so sent me the extras at no extra cost. I didn't take advantage of both sides of the PCB (I wanted the design to be fairly easy to etch at home) so the board is a bit larger than I would have preferred and contain a larger number of wire links to join tracks than I am happy wit…

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Updates on the Babyduino Project

The Babyduino project has been progressing well - I've managed to hit a number of minor milestones in the past couple of weeks ... A More Permanent ISP Adaptor Some of my AVR chips are already starting to show wear and tear on the pins from swapping from the programmer breadboard to the Babyduino breadboard during my bootloader testing so I decided it was well worth spending some time creating a more permanent version of the ISP programming adaptor. I wound up building it up on some veroboard (it's a fairly simple circuit). The veroboard layout is shown to the left (in an 'exploded' view so yo…

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Babyduino V0.1.0 Released

I'm pleased to announce that the first stable version of the Babyduino project is now available. You can get more details from the project page and browse the source on the GitHub repository. This initial version supports the ATMega8, ATMega88 and ATMega168 using the internal 8MHz oscillator. As well as full integration with the Arduino IDE the project provides circuit diagrams in Fritzing format to use as a basis for your own circuits.…

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Contents [TOC] Meet the Babyduino! This project describes a small Arduino compatible circuit that can be used as the basis for your own projects. It fully integrates into the Arduino IDE and gives you access to all the benefits entailed by that (access to libraries, an easy method of loading code and, of course, the IDE itself). Given that there is such a wide range of Arduino compatible devices already available why on earth would you need (or want) another one? While I find that the Arduino is great for experimenting and for doing one off projects for a very specific purpose it does have som…

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