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A Quick Update on the Benchtester

This is a quick (and long overdue) update on the status of the Benchtester project that I'm building as part of the Brisbane Makes competition. I've spent most of my available time working on a simple UI for the device. This has grown a little bit larger than I originally anticipated and has grown into a simple touchscreen focused UI framework for embedded barebones and minimal Linux systems that I've dubbed 'QuickUI'. The UI for the bench tool itself is built on top of this. The QuickUI framework deserves a post (or few) all of it's own and that will follow in due course. In the meantime all…

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Benchtool Hardware Selection

This post is an attempt to describe how I came to choose the hardware to use for the Bench Testing Tool project. I came to the final selection in an almost organic nature after quite a few false starts and reconsiderations so it's a little difficult to describe in a neat fashion but I'll do my best. One of the overall requirements was that I would not be using any surface mount technology on any of the custom circuitry. Using readily available modules that had pin headers or through hole mounting adaptors would be acceptable but anything that needed to soldered up during the construction defin…

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Bench Testing Tool

This project is an intelligent, software driven bench testing tool that is a combination of a multi-channel Digital Voltmeter (DVM), a Digital Ammeter and can also provide a number of independent voltage reference sources. As well as being a useful addition to my workbench this project is my entry in the Brisbane Makes competition and needs to be completed by the 27th of July, 2013. Overview My goal is to build a self enclosed device with a touchscreen interface and the ability to be controlled remotely via a bluetooth connection. The following electrical interfaces will be provided: 4 voltage…

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The Brisbane Makes Competition

I'm entering the Brisbane Makes competition with this project (a digital bench tool for measuring multiple channels of voltage and current). Once my entry has been approved there will be more updates. UPDATE: My project has been accepted! You can see the detail page here. You should also have a look at the full list of entries, there are some pretty interesting things on there. If you are in the Brisbane area and have a project in mind I highly recommend entering. Anyway, I really have to get to work on the project now if I want something that's complete in three months time.…

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