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Release the Baby!

I've recently been contacted by a friend with a request to help design and implement the hardware for a race timing system for his local swim club. I jumped on the chance, it's a good opportunity to test the Clixx.IO system for real world prototyping and gives me a chance to document the entire prototype to production process on this site. The majority of my work on Clixx has been using the Raspberry Pi as a host but this is overkill for this project - something a bit smaller is needed for the hardware components. An Arduino compatible system is perfect for the job - fast enough to handle the…

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Queueing Up Tasks

I've managed to keep on top of things for a while but now there are a large number of tasks queueing up again. I'd love to know why project work is so bursty - admittedly my scheduling is fairly ad-hoc but it seems to happen in commercial projects I'm involved in as well (where I don't get to set the schedule). Anyway - here's whats in the queue at the moment ... Babyduino My updated Babyduino boards have arrived (my first attempt at a board design was not as successful as I had hoped). The new boards at least have correct component footprints and seem to match my original schematic and breadb…

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Another Babyduino Update

After a bit of a disappointing experience with my last attempt to make boards for the Babyduino I've fixed the issue with the with Fritzing parts generator and recreated the PCB. The new version has been sent off to Seeed Studio again and I'm hoping for the new boards to arrive in about a month. In the meantime all the parts I have available on my Fritzing Parts page have been updated to have accurate PCB footprints. That page will be updated tomorrow night sometime - while I was doing the update I thought I'd take the opportunity to add a bunch of new parts I've acquired and it's taking a lit…

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Babyduino Boards - Some Lessons Learned

I had enough time to solder up one of the boards yesterday - it was a mix of good news and bad news. I'll start with the good news first. The boards are very nicely made and I'm pretty happy with the design that I came up with (especially as this is the first board of my own design that I've had made up by a professional service). I'm glad they are a bit larger than I had originally planned - it makes it very easy to place and solder the components which makes this a suitable board for a beginner. I used a 28 pin DIP socket rather than solder the CPU directly onto the board - these boards are…

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Babyduino Boards Have Arrived!

The PCB boards I order a few weeks ago from Seeed have turned up and they look good. I was expecting to have to wait a lot longer for them to arrive. As an added bonus there were two extra boards in the package, I guess they could fit them into the panel (I didn't use all of the available size for the package I ordered) so sent me the extras at no extra cost. I didn't take advantage of both sides of the PCB (I wanted the design to be fairly easy to etch at home) so the board is a bit larger than I would have preferred and contain a larger number of wire links to join tracks than I am happy wit…

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