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Some Interesting Sites

Just a short post this time - I'd like to report some good news and point you at some interesting sites I've come across in the past week. First up I'm pleased to announce that the new Clixx.IO site is now up and running. It's a little sparse on content at the moment but David is working hard migrating content from the various repositories he's developed over the life of the Clixx project so expect to see regular updates. Along with the site there is a matching GitHub repository where all the circuits and associated assets are being migrated to as well. You may have noticed that I have gotten…

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The Clixx.IO Rapid Prototyping System

Developing a new prototype is never an easy or simple task, putting it together can be one of the most time consuming aspects of developing a new project. Since the Brisbane Makes competition I've been talking to David Lyon who has developed the Clixx.IO open source hardware system to help simplify the whole process. This post covers the problems inherent with the prototyping process and covers my initial work with Davids solution. The Problems with Prototyping One of the more common methods (and my personal favourite) is to use a solderless breadboard. This allows the reuse of components (to…

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Brisbane Makes Makercamp

Yesterday was the Brisbane Makes Makercamp at Hackerspace Brisbane and the culmination of the Make Anything competition I had entered. It was a very full day - the number of interesting people and interesting projects was incredible. The chance to talk with such a large group of like minded people was amazing - by the end of the day my voice was a bit croaky from talking so much but it was price worth paying though for such a great experience. It was also an opportunity for the Hackerspace to show itself at it's best and it did it great job of it - the number of people who turned up to look ar…

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Another Babyduino Update

After a bit of a disappointing experience with my last attempt to make boards for the Babyduino I've fixed the issue with the with Fritzing parts generator and recreated the PCB. The new version has been sent off to Seeed Studio again and I'm hoping for the new boards to arrive in about a month. In the meantime all the parts I have available on my Fritzing Parts page have been updated to have accurate PCB footprints. That page will be updated tomorrow night sometime - while I was doing the update I thought I'd take the opportunity to add a bunch of new parts I've acquired and it's taking a lit…

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Babyduino Boards - Some Lessons Learned

I had enough time to solder up one of the boards yesterday - it was a mix of good news and bad news. I'll start with the good news first. The boards are very nicely made and I'm pretty happy with the design that I came up with (especially as this is the first board of my own design that I've had made up by a professional service). I'm glad they are a bit larger than I had originally planned - it makes it very easy to place and solder the components which makes this a suitable board for a beginner. I used a 28 pin DIP socket rather than solder the CPU directly onto the board - these boards are…

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