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Autonomous Vehicle Platform

One of the longer term projects I'm working on is an autonomous robotic system, it will be using the Raspberry Pi as the main 'brains' of the system along with a homebrew motor controller board to deal directly with the electro-mechanical components. I had originally planned to print up the majority of the parts for the base platform (one of the main reasons I bought the printer in the first place) but that is turning out to be far more complex than I had originally planned. Things that I thought would be fairly simple (choosing suitable motors, servos and gearing systems) turned out to be mor…

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4 Essential Software Tools (and 3 links)

Many projects consist of a number of elements including physical, electronic and software components. I thought I'd share some of the software and links that I consider essential for helping design and fine tune such projects (I use all of these products almost daily - most of the files that I provide for my projects are in a format supported by the software presented here). With one exception all of these tools are available on all three major desktop operating systems Windows, Linux and OS/X. All of it is free (or has a free version available) and the majority of the software is open source.…

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Breadboard Prototyping Station

Overview When my old breadboards finally became so unreliable that they were impacting on my projects I went off to eBay and found myself some cheap replacements. Rather than do what I had done previously and simply glue the boards to a suitably size piece of plywood I decided to spend a bit of time and build a prototyping station to sit them in. I had a number of goals for this project: It needs to be robust and transportable. I need to be able to move it around the workshop (and even take it to work or another location altogether) without fear of it falling apart. It needed an integr…

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Parametric PCB Holder

Here is a simple, parametric, PCB holder that you can print out. I've added the object to Thingiverse so you can access it there as well as directly downloading the code from my Git repository. This design is useful in the prototyping stage where you have existing boards that you need to protect from accidental shorting or to keep them steady on a more firm platform. As provided the OpenSCAD source defines a suitable holder for a Raspberry Pi Model B board, in the comments I've also provided settings for the Tobi and Chestnut43 boards from Gumstix (I use these at work a fair bit so they are im…

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A Quick Progress Update

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted to the site. My intended posting schedule has been blown by a wide margin it seems so I'll be making an extra effort to get back on track. The next part of the PIC series (on Digital IO) is mostly complete, only the physical construction and testing of the breadboard layout is left to be done. I've ordered a new set of breadboards because of the problems I've been having with my current ones (connections and inductance have become an issue, given that they are nearly 15 years old and have seen a lot of use this isn't surprising). Unfortunately these a…

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