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Practical (3D) Printing

Although it is getting better a lot of articles about 3D printers and 3D printing concentrate on the tchotchke factory aspect or the high end metal printers and ignore the simple, utilitarian uses that are a much better example of the impact of this technology. The charging cradle for my Samsung Gear Live smart watch broke a little while ago (there is a small clip that holds it to the back of the watch, if that snaps off it becomes useless). Samsung no longer manufacture the device and replacement charging cables can be difficult to get. Because I have a 3D printer available it was easy to qui…

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A CNC Engraver Platform - Part 1

I have been looking for a way to simplify the creation of PCBs with a fairly high degree of accuracy - my series of posts about using a laser diode from a DVD/RW drive was an experiment to see if I could use that to expose copper on a PCB by burning away a layer of paint applied to the board. Unfortunately it turns out they are not powerful enough for the task (although they are still useful for other things). I started looking at other options including purchasing a CNC router to perform the task by cutting the copper layer away directly. Unfortunately the price of a full CNC router ranges fr…

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Six Slot TwinTab Dock for Clixx.IO

Update 8 Nov 2013 The original version of this post had the holes for the TwinTab tabs placed incorrectly in the 3D printed case. This has now been corrected and the project archive and GitHub repository have been accordingly. I've been working closely with David Lyon preparing a new site for the Clixx.IO project which we hope will be going live very soon. We are trying to make all the information about Clixx easily available from a single source - this includes all the specifications, sample projects and code as well as a single convenient source for all the related circuit diagrams, 3D mo…

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Brisbane Makes Makercamp

Yesterday was the Brisbane Makes Makercamp at Hackerspace Brisbane and the culmination of the Make Anything competition I had entered. It was a very full day - the number of interesting people and interesting projects was incredible. The chance to talk with such a large group of like minded people was amazing - by the end of the day my voice was a bit croaky from talking so much but it was price worth paying though for such a great experience. It was also an opportunity for the Hackerspace to show itself at it's best and it did it great job of it - the number of people who turned up to look ar…

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The PiStation

Ever since I got a Raspberry Pi I wanted a small standalone case to put it in. There are any number of cases available already (simply search Thingiverse for a nice range of options) but each of them simply provided a case to protect the circuit board, what I was looking for was something more like a small computer case that I could simply plug a power cable (and optionally a network cable) into and have everything else built in. This project is what I came up with - you can see the end result in the image to the right. Overview For the impatient here are some quick links to everything you nee…

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