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Sorry Fritzing, you've lost me

I've been using Fritzing as a schematic editor for a number of years now, it's not the best one available but it had a few features that I haven't found in any other program - mainly the ability to do breadboard and stripboard layouts of circuits. These features, combined with the fact it is open source and available for Mac, Linux and Windows made it a good choice for the (mostly fairly small) circuits that I publish on the site.

Unfortunately Fritzing is not without it's fair share of bugs - importing and sharing custom parts libraries can be problematic, the snap to grid feature is not very reliable, net names can get confused resulting in unexpected connections between nodes and having traces randomly deleted when opening a file is not uncommon.

I had a lot of small prototype boards I needed to do up over the past week so I upgraded to the latest version of Fritzing (0.8.6) and migrated all my custom parts libraries across. This version provides a UI update to the version I had been using previously, which is nice, but doesn't fix many of the known bugs with the program at all. On top of that the colour scheme they have chosen makes seeing the rats nest lines on the PCB layout view almost impossible.

PCB Layout

All in all the frustration I have using the program for more than the simplest task far outweighs the few benefits it actually offers. I'm afraid it's time to move on - I'll spend the weekend playing with KiCad and Eagle to choose a new schematic editor to use for projects on the site. Both are fairly widely used in the maker community and readily available.

It's a shame really, the Fritzing project had a lot of promise as a simple, friendly schematic editor with some features uniquely suited to the hobbyist. It would have been nicer if they spent some time fixing the actual bugs in the program rather than making it prettier, there was nothing wrong with the existing UI, it was a lot of effort to go to in order to fix a problem that didn't exist.