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Some Restructuring

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Well, once again it's been a long time since I've done an update to the site (and once again I have a number of perfectly valid reasons that I really could have worked around - see my previous post on this subject).

Aside from the additional obligations that the Christmas season usually brings (I've had visits from friends and family both local and from overseas) I had to got through an unplanned job change (the company I was working for hit some unsurmountable financial difficulties and unfortunately collapsed leaving it's employees hunting for new jobs just a few weeks before the Christmas holiday season).

My Desk at Work

Thankfully the Australian economy is in pretty good shape so everyone I worked with (a really good team BTW, I will miss working with them) is now gainfully employed again. I started my own new job just a few weeks ago and it is actually a much better job than the one I lost, just goes to show that dark clouds really do have silver linings sometimes.

I haven't been idle during this period though, there are a large number of background projects I've been working on that haven't been visible to this site (until now). I've been using subversion and Trac on my home network to keep track of everything as I switch from project to project (if you are not using a version control system for your own projects you really should be). I've been meaning to make these projects publically available for quite a while and have finally got around it.

I now have a public set of Git repositories (you can view them here or use git to get read only access at git://thegaragelab.com/) that I am migrating my existing subversion repositories to. I'm still in the process of migration so don't be surprised if some of the repositories are empty at the moment. Some of the projects will eventually migrate to my account on github, especially the more generic ones that can be reused for other purposes.

My 3D Printer Setup

The git system makes it very easy to export repositories and gives you maximum flexibility on how you want to use the code and resources provided, if you'd like to commit patches I'm happy to accept them by email, if you just want to use the code yourself you are free to do that and if you want to clone the project and use it as the base for your own projects you are free to do that as well. Any project that I release will be released under very open licensing terms (unless restricted by underlying components I might use).

I also post up objects to Thingiverse which don't always get mentioned on the site so I've added a section to the sidebar which shows them so those are easily available to you as well.

Speaking of the sidebar I've dropped the Twitter update widget, I really don't use it that much so it was just taking up space and slowing down page load times. The remaining widgets have been reordered so the most frequently updated ones are towards the top.

So those are the changes I've made in preparation for the new year. It will be interesting to see the effect it has on the site. Hopefully it makes it more useful for you.