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Some Interesting Sites

Just a short post this time - I'd like to report some good news and point you at some interesting sites I've come across in the past week.

Clixx.IO Peripherals

First up I'm pleased to announce that the new Clixx.IO site is now up and running. It's a little sparse on content at the moment but David is working hard migrating content from the various repositories he's developed over the life of the Clixx project so expect to see regular updates. Along with the site there is a matching GitHub repository where all the circuits and associated assets are being migrated to as well.

You may have noticed that I have gotten fairly heavily involved with the Clixx system recently - I'll be contributing posts and articles to the new site as well.

Sample Card

An excellent resource I came across this week is the Arduino Basic Connection site which has a set of quick reference cards for interfacing various devices to an Arduino. Although it is biased towards the Arduino system the majority of the information presented is applicable to any microcontroller system.

It covers things like Charlieplexing (driving multiple LED's with a minimum number of IO pins), controlling servos, motors and steppers and interfacing with mains power sources. It's well worth having a look at and printing out a few of the cards to keep by your workbench.

There is also an IndieGoGo campaign under way to produce a book version of the cards (with additional cards that are not on the website at the moment). I've backed it - it really would be a great quick reference to have handy. At the time of writing there is still 3 days to go so I recommend going and having a look at it.

And finally, but no less useful, is a relatively new datasheet site. I received an email about the Datasheets360 site asking me to have a look at it given that I've reviewed such sites before. This site is very useful and has an interface that doesn't get in your way and lets you find exactly what you want very quickly. I had a few parts that I wanted to make Fritzing footprints for anyway so I ran them through the site with a 100% success rate. It's well worth having a look at.

That's it for now. I'm finalising a follow up article about interfacing the Clixx.IO dock to a Raspberry Pi and development software to control the peripherals in Python. A little bit more testing and polishing and it will be ready to go up.