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Site Layout Updates

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I've rolled out some changes to the site layout and theme. Theme changes are minor but the layout has been tightened up quite a bit. From the testing I've been able to do it displays consistantly over a wide range of (modern) browsers and devices.

There are still tweaks to come and some new additions to the sidebar but I'll be concentrating on content for the next few weeks. Coming up is a series on the PIC Microcontroller (focusing on the PIC16F628A) and culminating in a small PIC powered module to control motors and servos as well as providing a handful of digital inputs and outputs that can be easily controlled by any computer with a serial (RS232) port. This module is going to be used to add functionality to a number of projects that will be described on these pages over the coming months.

I hope you enjoy the new layout (and if your device was one of the ones that was displaying it poorly in the past hopefully it will be a bit more accessable now). I'm looking forward to writing about the upcoming projects and would love to hear from you.