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PIC Tutorial

This is a series of tutorial style posts which introduce the PIC16F628A microcontroller and many of it's features. The tutorial culminates with an RS232 controlled interface board which can directly control two servo motors and two DC motors as well as providing a small amount of digital IO to the host. If you are only interested in the controller board itself you can simply skip to the last post.

MPLabX Editor

All the code, circuit diagrams and breadboard layouts are available on The Garage Lab git repository which you can clone from git://thegaragelab.com/electronics/pictutorial if you like or simply directly download the individual files as needed.

There are eleven planned posts in the series so far - each post introduces new functionality and explores different features of the PIC. Although they are intended to be read in sequence each post is independent and easily understood in isolation. The posts in this series are:

  1. Microcontrollers - The PIC16F628A
  2. Serial Programming - Part 1 (PIC16F628A)
  3. Serial Programming - Part 2 (PIC16F628A)
  4. Serial Programming - Part 3 (PIC16F628A)
  5. Digital IO (PIC16F628A)
  6. Servo Controller
    1. 11.

    Posts that show up as links are completed and published to the site, those that are not links haven't been published yet (although if you want a preview the code turns up in git before the post gets published).