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My Printer Has Arrived! (Updated)

NOTE There are updates at the end of this post.

After a long wait my 3D printer (it's a Solidoodle 2) has finally arrived! Unpacking and setting up was relatively easy, the software worked well on my Mac and everything seemed to be just hunky dory.

Base Layer

Unfortunately, halfway through my first print (which was this object from Thingiverse - a case for the Raspberry Pi I keep on my workbench) it developed a clogged extruder. Because it had been printing fine for about 30 minutes I wasn't paying close attention and it kept trying to print even without plastic going through and I may have damaged the gears driving the filament feeder.

So now it looks like I'm going to have to dismantle the print head (as well as clearing the blockage of burnt plastic in the extruder before I can print anything else). I'm waiting to hear back from Solidoodle support on the best way to proceed. The bits it did manage to print looked good and fairly robust though.