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Introducing the PiStation

I'd like to introduce you to the PiStation, this is my weekend project which turned out to take a bit longer to finish than I had anticipated (isn't that always the way?). On the plus side I at least have a working prototype and only a few rough edges to sort out.

Basically this is a simple case for a Raspberry Pi that includes some buttons for input and an LCD screen for audio and video output. It leaves the Pi accessable so you can use it as a nice portable base station for hardware hacking.

Behind the Curtain

Have a look at the project page for more information. There you'll find links to the GitHub repository, an image gallery and any project updates.

On that page I've listed the main issues I need to sort out before this project can be called complete, there are not a lot and all of them are relatively minor. Once that's done there are a lot of things you can do with this. I'm looking forward to being able to play with it.