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Custom Fritzing Parts

Update - October 27th, 2013 I have had a few errors in the library pointed out to me so I've gone through and cleaned everything up a bit. Some interface parts have been removed (I only use them internally), some additional components have been added and I have changed the schematic layout to mimic the physical chip layout rather than group pins together according to their purpose (this makes it much easier to design for a compact stripboard or PCB layout).

This is a collection of custom parts I've made for Fritzing for parts I have that aren't included in the standard Fritzing library. A number of Fritzing projects I have made available for download require at least a subset of these parts (I'll try to indicate them in the relevant posts).

To generate parts I'm using an excellent tool written in Python called fzpzf (original source here, my modified version is here and can be cloned from git://thegaragelab.com/electronics/fritzing-parts) which makes it very easy to generate part footprints in DIL or SIL format.


This section details the components that are available in the library.

PIC Microcontrollers

A collection of PIC microcontroller chips. These are limited to ones I have used or have in stock for later use. The majority are the 14 bit mid-range processors although the two PIC32 variants that are available in DIP format are included as well.

Part|Description ----|----------- 16F1827|Microchip PIC Microcontroller 16F628A|Microchip PIC Microcontroller 16F687|Microchip PIC Microcontroller 16F88|Microchip PIC Microcontroller PIC16F720|Microchip PIC Microcontroller PIC18F14K50|Microchip PIC Microcontroller PIC18F4550|Microchip PIC Microcontroller PIC32MX220F032|Microchip 32 Bit PIC Microcontroller PIC32MX250F128|Microchip 32 Bit PIC Microcontroller

Other Microcontroller and CPU Chips

Other processors and microcontrollers including some AVR chips, the NXP ARM chips that are available in DIP format and some older CPU chips.

Part|Description ----|----------- ATMega8|Atmel AVR 8 Bit Microcontroller ATtiny85|Atmel AVR 8 Bit Microcontroller LPC810|NXP ARM Cortex M0 32 Bit Microcontroller LPC1114|NXP ARM Cortex M0 32 Bit Microcontroller HD6809P|Motorola M6809 8 Bit CPU

Memory Chips

Memory components including serial EEPROM and static RAM.

Part|Description ----|----------- 24C65|8K x 8 Serial EEPROM (I2C) 25AA640A|8K x 8 Serial EEPROM (SPI) HM628128|128K x 8 Static RAM

Peripheral Chips (I2C/SPI)

Peripheral chips used for IO expansion or adding ADC/DAC capabilities to a CPU.

Part|Description ----|----------- MCP23008|8 Bit I2C IO Expander MCP23017|16 Bit I2C IO Expander MCP3204|4 Channel 12 Bit ADC with I2C Interface MCP4812|2 Channel 10 Bit DAC with SPI Interface MCP4822|2 Channel 12 Bit DAC with SPI Interface MCP6S26|6 Channel Programmable Gain Amplifier - SPI Interface

Analog Components

These components are used to drive audio, manipulate analog signals and provide or modify power levels.

Part|Description ----|----------- L293D|4 x Half H-Bridge Driver LM741|General Purpose Op Amp MAX232|RS232 Serial Level Converter TC962|Charge Pump DC/DC Converter


Single line connection headers for various components. These components can be used to replace standard pin header components on the schematic.

Part|Description ----|----------- FTDI|FTDI USB to Serial Connector uLCD|uLCD Display Connector


Hopefully you will find these parts useful. If you have DIL or SIL packaged components that you would like parts for just send me a link to the datasheet and I'll add them here for you.