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If you'd like to get in touch (to request a project, ask a question or critique projects for example) there are three ways you can do so:

  1. The comment section. Each post and article has a comment section below it (powered by Disqus. If you are after more details, have some suggestions for changes or other critiques this is the place. I monitor comments regularly and will reply to all questions (although it may take a little while - this is not my full time job).
  2. Twitter. I use my Twitter account (@thegaragelab) to send out site update notifications as well as any interesting links or tweets I find that may be interesting but I don't have time to do a full article about, you'll see my Twitter info in the sidebar of every page. Send me a Tweet to let me know about anything interesting you'd like to see on the site or any queries you might have.
  3. Email. You can get in touch with me at shane@thegaragelab.com. I don't check email as often as the other two methods and there is always the chance your message may automatically end up in the spam folder so please use this as a last resort.

    Thank you for your interest, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.