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Babyduino Boards Have Arrived!

The PCB boards I order a few weeks ago from Seeed have turned up and they look good. I was expecting to have to wait a lot longer for them to arrive. As an added bonus there were two extra boards in the package, I guess they could fit them into the panel (I didn't use all of the available size for the package I ordered) so sent me the extras at no extra cost.

Babyduino Boards

I didn't take advantage of both sides of the PCB (I wanted the design to be fairly easy to etch at home) so the board is a bit larger than I would have preferred and contain a larger number of wire links to join tracks than I am happy with. The upside is that everything is through hole, uses readily available components and should be easy to solder for beginners. At around $US 2 per board I'm pretty happy with the result.

If work commitments allow I will solder a few up over the weekend and test them out - let's hope I've gone the design right. Next step is to build a few sample projects around the design.