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Another Babyduino Update

After a bit of a disappointing experience with my last attempt to make boards for the Babyduino I've fixed the issue with the with Fritzing parts generator and recreated the PCB. The new version has been sent off to Seeed Studio again and I'm hoping for the new boards to arrive in about a month.

In the meantime all the parts I have available on my Fritzing Parts page have been updated to have accurate PCB footprints. That page will be updated tomorrow night sometime - while I was doing the update I thought I'd take the opportunity to add a bunch of new parts I've acquired and it's taking a little bit longer than I expected (as usual). Some of these parts are going to be used in my competition entry so it is not a simple distraction or diversion.

Thankfully the workload from my day (paying) job is easing off a bit so I'll have a bit more time to devote to this site and projects mentioned here. There are some really interesting things coming up so please stay tuned.